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SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor

The award-winning, market-leading SAP Sybase Event Stream Processing (CEP) platform delivers Continuous Intelligence for fast and intelligent decision-making and business execution.


SAP Sybase ESP Studio – Visual Authoring

The real value of complex event processing (CEP) technology is the ability to express the business logic to be applied to incoming data streams - the "rules" if you will - in high-level languages or using high-level tools. This speeds implementation and deployment by freeing the user to focus on the business logic without worrying about the underlying data handling or how to achieve high performance in a real-time environment.

In order for the SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP) to process incoming data, it needs to load an ESP project  that describes the format of the incoming data and the logic to be applied to create one or more derived streams of data that contain the output. We call the definition of the data model "authoring" or "modeling".

Visual Dataflow Authoring
The SAP Sybase ESP Studio is a visual IDE based on the Eclipse™ framework. It guides the user through the creation of a model and minimizes any learning curve by letting the user visually create the data flow, set properties of individual streams, and enter expressions.

Testing, Debugging and Tuning
The SAP Sybase ESP Studio also provides a rich suite of tools for testing, debugging and optimizing applications.

  • Record/Playback: record data streams and play them back at variable rates, supporting accelerated, decelerated and fixed rate playback
  • Streamviewer: live view of contents/output of any stream
  • Event Trace: watch each event pass through the model; see the affect on each stream
  • Debugger/Breakpoints: set breakpoints on the model to catch and trace conditions that are producing unexpected results
  • Performance Monitor: see throughput, queue length and CPU utilization for each stream on a live server; stats updated in real-time
  • Data input: tools to upload data from files as well as to manually inject events into the system
  • Commands and queries: issue commands against the server; run SQL snapshot queries against the server



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