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Answers Anywhere

Answers Anywhere leverages advanced, patented technology to translate users’ words into relevant commands for back-end software systems, providing cutting-edge mobile messaging for end-users.

Singapore: (65) 6571 3000


Features & Benefits

Independent input and
output modality

  • Gives users the ability to interact with your application through any appropriate input modality
  • Answers Anywhere’s open API and pre-built links to major email, text messaging, and speech recognition systems enable your developers to choose the input modality end-users prefer
  • Enables multi-modal interaction, so users can ask for information by email and get the results back through a voice interface
  • Provides pre-defined Modality and Application Adapters, pre-built templates and extensible Answers Anywhere agent networks, as well as easily customizable, ready-to-use agent libraries

Back-end integration

  • Enables rapid application development and integration of the platform with any back-end system

Free form, natural
language inputs

  • Employs a unique, powerful agent network to interpret each user’s free-form input and develop a machine-readable statement of the user's intent, within the context of the application

Interacts with multiple

  • Enables rapid application development and integration of the platform with any back-end system, including legacy databases and programs, enterprise applications, and Web portals and services



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